Parental Rights and Child Protection Legislation Being Introduced by Assemblyman Peterson

APR 11, 2022

UPDATE: The "Children Innocence Protection Act" received Bill number A4042.

Bill will prohibit gender identity, sex orientation, and general sex education to grades K-5 while also increasing parental rights to their children’s education.

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CLINTON, NJ, April 11, 2022 – New Jersey Assemblyman and Seventh Congressional District candidate Erik Peterson will introduce legislation in the NJ Legislature to prohibit education involving gender identification, sexual orientation, and all forms of sex education to the young children in kindergarten through fifth grade in New Jersey’s public schools. Beyond fifth grade, the proposed Bill mandates that parents be informed and their consent obtained before any curriculum containing sexual content, gender identification or sexual orientation be taught to their minor child.

“The student curriculum released for the 2022-2023 school year includes teaching children as early as kindergarten about gender identification, that gender colors include blue, pink and purple, and encourages the use of materials tainted with pornographic topics and imagery,” said Peterson, “It is outrageous. These five year old kids are just starting to gain socialization skills and to integrate this inappropriate topic, in the name of being ‘woke,’ is stealing our children’s innocence and is therefore abusive. If these anticipated lessons were transmitted over the internet by an adult to a child it would be considered a crime.” 1 2


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“This intended legislation will prioritize the fundamental God-given right of parents to have control in the upbringing of their children and that the government respect the parents’ rights to make decisions and have the final say,” Peterson added, “The Democrats and this governor want to force their sexualized agendas of Garden State Equality and other ‘woke’ organizations on our children. They obviously don’t respect the parents’ rights to choose what is best for their children. This is just another example of how the radicalized Democrat party led by President Biden has declared war on parental rights including calling parents ‘terrorists’ for speaking up at school board meeting on behalf of their children.”

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Peterson has been standing up for parental rights and individual freedoms for twelve years while serving on the NJ Legislature. He was recently recognized by the American Conservative Union at CPAC in Florida for his Lifetime Rating of 95%, the highest of any New Jersey politician. His ranking reflects Peterson's conservative approach and consistent advocate for low taxes, reduced regulation, gun rights, right to life, voting integrity, and individual liberty.

“This Bill will provide parents a legal remedy if the school violates a parent’s rights. Any public school that would violate the proposed legislation would find itself in court by the parents. The bill will provide parents with the right to seek immediate court action to stop the school from violating their parental rights and receive reimbursement of costs and attorney’s fees from the school board,” said Peterson, “This will ensure that parents will have real enforcement power to make sure that a parent’s fundamental right to determine what is best for their child is not violated.”

“The Democrats continue to show their true colors and hypocrisy. Once again, they push for policies that hurt primarily the low-and-middle classes. Only pubic schools are currently forced to teach about gender identity and sexual orientation to children. The upper class can simply enroll their children in a private school to avoid it, but the average New Jersey resident doesn’t have the privilege of affording a private school, so they are left with few options but to place their children in the hands of people who are more concerned about pushing their social agenda than of the parents’ rights,” commented Peterson, “I am going to do what I can to help New Jerseyans have control over their children’s education. That’s the way it should be.”

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Peterson is running for Congress in New Jersey's Seventh Congressional District. He is the only Congressional candidate in his district to have received the endorsement from the New Jersey Right to Life PAC.

“I decided to run for Congress because I’m frustrated with what I see happening to our country. The radical Democrats want to take away our freedom, our guns, our right to free speech, control our bodies, and destroy our American way of life. The Establishment Republicans are more concerned about their social status and relationships than fighting for us,” said Peterson, “The State law requiring public schools to teach sexual orientation and gender identification to five year olds and ignoring what parents’ want is just another example of the craziness happening in America. But I will keep fighting for what is right, fighting for American families, and fighting for freedom.”

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Like you, I’ve been frustrated with what I see happening to America. The radical Democrats want to take away our freedom, our guns, our right to free speech, control our bodies, and destroy our American way of life. The Establishment Republicans are more concerned about their social status and relationships than fighting for us. Vote for me, and I will fight for you, our Republican values, and our freedom.”

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