Team PYC – Protect Your Children officially endorses Erik Peterson for Congress

JUNE 3, 2022

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JUNE 3, 2022, Clinton, NJ – Assemblyman Erik Peterson, a candidate in NJ's 7th Congressional district, is the only one in his district that received the endorsement from the 5,000-plus civilian activist group Team PYC-Protect Your Children.

"I'm proud to receive endorsements from activist groups that are in the trenches fighting the fight for our individual medical freedoms. These are the endorsements that matter, not the endorsements from other politicians," said Erik Peterson, "I will continue to fight for our medical freedom in Congress."

Team PYC describes itself as a "group of people who want to protect the children from the pending LGBT curriculum. We are parents, teachers, school board members, concerned taxpayers, mothers, fathers, church leaders, Christians, people of faith, Orthodox Jews, Muslims, and Coptic Christians. We are many and we represent thousands from all over the state and the nation. We are very diverse, yet we have one thing in common, our desire to protect the children.

NJ Right to Life PAC Endorses Peterson

"Our faith and our deep religious views are in peril. We are very concerned about the pending implementation of the new LGBT curriculum, still scheduled to be added into MANY NJ middle and high schools next month, September 2020. We want to be clear. We care about each and every child, and we support and defend equality. We believe that all children should be cared for, respected, protected, and have equal rights to learn, to excel, and to reach their fullest potential, including black/white/rich/poor/gay/straight; however, treating all equally cannot mean that those with deep religious views are discriminated against. We are highly concerned that the LGBT history will teach lifestyles, and life choices that stand one hundred percent against our family values, our deeply held religious views, and the way we practice our faith."

Peterson Introduces Parental Rights Legislation
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Erik Peterson's consistent conservative voting record recognized by CPAC. Watch: Erik Peterson's message to CPAC👇


I believe that our shared conservative values bring about liberty and prosperity... I want to be a conservative voice down in Washington, D.C.. I want to protect freedom. I want to fight for our freedom.

Erik Peterson, US Congressional candidate, NJ CD 7
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Tried. Tested. True.

Republican leader.

I'm proud to be 'A' rated by the NRA and the NJ Right to Life, and to have earned the highest Lifetime Rating from The American Conservative Union, known to many as CPAC. I oppose vaccine mandates and your right to medical freedom. You can count on me to always defend our Constitution and your freedoms.

– Erik Peterson

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"Erik needs you. Our country needs you. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, is so vital to the efforts to get a tried, tested and true Republican voice to the U.S. Congress. Thank you." – Nirav Vyas, Treasurer

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Tried. Tested. True.