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Erik is introducing legislation to stop the Democrats from pushing their gender 'woke' agenda on children as young as 5 years old.

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CPAC: Highest Lifetime Rating of any NJ politician & recognized!
Against vaccine and mask mandates; fought for our medical freedom & endorsed!
Best anti-tax voting record in Trenton
Only candidate with consistent "A" Ratings from the NRA & endorsed!
Only candidate with consistent "A" Ratings from NJ Right to Life & endorsed!
Supports border wall & our law enforcement
Strong advocate for U.S. energy independence
Fighting for parental rights and against teaching gender identification & sex orientation to young kids & endorsed!


Erik speaks to NJ HS Republicans about freedom, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, leadership, and fighting for Republican values

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A vote for Peterson is a vote for freedom
• Freedom of speech End #cancel culture
• Second Amendment Protect right to gun ownership
• Medical Freedom No mask mandates and no vaccine mandates
• Financial Freedom Less taxation
• Freedom from Government Reduced regulations
• Women's Rights Only biological females in women sports
• Energy Freedom Prioritize America's energy independence
• Parental Freedom Control over your child's education
• Election Integrity Voter ID verification

Laura Ingraham

"Courage is hard to come by these days in politics and you showed it."

– Laura Ingraham describing Erik Peterson

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Like you, I’ve been frustrated with what I see happening to America. The radical Democrats want to take away our freedom, our guns, our right to free speech, control our bodies, and destroy our American way of life. The Establishment Republicans are more concerned about their social status and relationships than fighting for us. Vote for me, and I will fight for you, our Republican values, and our freedom.”

– Erik Peterson


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CPAC recognizes Peterson for his conservative voting record

Peterson has a 95% Lifetime Rating with the American Conservative Union, the highest lifetime ranking for any elected official in NJ, proof of his conservative principles in three areas:
1. Fiscal and economic (Taxes, budgets, regulation, spending, healthcare and property).
2. Social and cultural: Second Amendment, religion, life, welfare and education.
3. Government integrity: Voting, individual liberty, privacy and transparency.

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Tried. Tested. True.


During the 12 years that I have served in the legislature I have been an unwavering advocate and outspoken voice for Republican values of small limited government, low taxes, and defending the limitations on government set forth in both our Federal and State Constitutions. I have always had an "A" rating with New Jersey Right to Life and the NRA. I was advocating for medical freedom long before COVID-19 and all of Governor Murphy's mandates made most New Jerseyians realize the value of the individual right to say "no" to government forcing you to be injected with any substance without your voluntary consent. My voting record and the way I have lived my life demonstrates, that to me, being a Republican is more than just a name, but is a way of life.

– Erik Peterson


"Erik needs you. Our country needs you. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, is so vital to the efforts to get a tried, tested and true Republican voice to the U.S. Congress. Thank you." – Nirav Vyas, Treasurer

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Americans for Prosperity


Peterson was recognized as an advocate for the New Jersey taxpayer by Americans for Prosperity, through consistent positions and voting against taxing individuals and businesses.


Erik Peterson needs your help to fight for our Republican interests in D.C..

Volunteers needed to make phone calls, distribute literature, help with fundraising, assist with events, and so much more.


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Peterson demands Feds increase domestic energy production

Advocating for Americans

With New Jersey and America facing record-high gas prices, Peterson demanded Congress and the President take immediate action and open domestic energy production.

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Tried. Tested. True. A way of life.

"My voting record and the way I have lived my life demonstrates, that to me, being a Republican is more than just a name, but a way of life."


Erik believes that life in the womb is precious and strongly supports the right to life, earning him an 'A' rating with the NJ Right to Life.


Against unnecessary regulation, Erik has been fighting mask mandates, and NJ's excessive laws strangling our businesses, while advocating for limitations on government.


As he has always done, Erik will proudly support our law enforcement, our military, and our nation's veterans. He will always support policies that enhance our border security.


"God, family and country," are the three things that Erik places first and are the principles to which he lives his life,  and always makes decisions consistent with his Republican values.


Erik supports the Constitution and the Second Amendment, and the individuals right to possess firearms, consistently receiving 'A' ratings with the NRA.


Consistently, Erik has voted NO against the overtaxation in NJ, and has advocated strongly for lower property taxes, earning him Americas for Prosperity's Taxpayer Hero Award.


Energy independence is important for our economy and national security; Erik will work for common-sense solutions that protect our planet without strangling our economy.


Erik strongly opposes socialized medicine and Obama Care, while supporting your medical freedom and your individual right to your own body opposing vaccine mandates.

"If you vote for me I can assure you of one thing; I will never sell you out, I will aways vote like a Republican should vote, and I will stand up for you no matter what consequences."

Standing up to principles

"50 years of progress in women's rights and equal treatment in sports is under attack by allowing Lia Thomas and transgender athletes to compete in female sports. It's not fair and it is simply wrong."

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"The foundation to all my beliefs and values, and the bedrock of who I am as a person, can be summarized by three words: God, family and country."

Erik Peterson is accompanied with Jenni (his wife of 21 years) and their 4 children: Sophie, Clay, Veronica and Samantha.

Tried. Tested. True.